If you have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors, we can help! We handle all aspects of the review of your residential or commercial project, from assessing scope to scheduling and pricing. We evaluate where the project stands and compare it to where it should be. We then help you achieve the finished project you deserve.

Persistent Contractor Watchdog against Bad Contractors


Ensure your repair project is done right with services from a persistent contractor watchdog. Verybadcontractor.com helps people who have been the victims of bad contractors.

Before, during, or after Construction

Imagine that your house was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy; you hired contractors, paid them, and have spent the last year living in a motel room. When you return to your home, you find the promised repairs have not been done and the contractors are not answering your calls. Worse still, your payment checks have been cashed at a check-cashing store and your post-hiring due diligence reveals that the contractors were not even licensed. Sadly, this kind of story is all too common in the aftermath of natural disasters.


Construction Consultant

We Can Help

We offer our service before construction starts, during the project, or even after completion. We leverage contacts in local, state, and federal agencies to bring in their no-cost assistance to force the contractor to do the job right.

Contact us for a construction consultant who will fight for your interests.

Bad Contractors

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